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Our Team

Our Radiation Oncologists

Devin Sloan, M.D.

Arizona Prostate Cancer Center – Phoenix

Dr. Sloan is a board-certified radiation oncologist. Prior to joining Arizona Urology Specialists in 2019, Dr. Sloan served as a radiation oncologist with Arizona Oncology Associates, 21st Century Oncology, and Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.

When he’s not caring for patients, Dr. Sloan is a National Tang Soo Do Congress 2nd degree black belt, is a Professional Association of Diving Instructors Master SCUBA diver, and holds an American Sailing Association bareboat cruising certification.

Mehee Choi, M.D.

Arizona Prostate Cancer Center – Scottsdale

Dr. Choi is a board-certified radiation oncologist with Arizona Urology Specialists. Dr. Choi specializes in a wide variety of disease sites and techniques. She is experienced in 3D conformal radiation therapy, IMRT, volumetric arc therapy, 4D-CT, deep inspiration breath-hold radiation therapy treatments, linac-based stereotactic radiosurgery, and stereotactic radiation therapy. Dr. Choi also has experience with intraoperative radiotherapy (INTRABEAM), hyperthermia, proton beam radiotherapy, Gamma Knife radiosurgery, and brachytherapy.

Prior to joining Arizona Urology Specialists in 2021, Dr. Choi was a radiation oncologist at Rush Copley Medical Center in Aurora, IL, Rush Riverside Cancer Institute in Bourbonnais, IL, and Loyola University in Maywood, IL. She received her medical degree with distinction in research from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, TX, and completed her residency in radiation oncology at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, OR, and Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL. Her research and presentations have appeared in numerous peer-reviewed journals and publications.

Our Radiation Team

Our center is staffed by oncologists, technicians and administrators who bring a collaborative blend of expertise in cancer care methodologies to maximize your experience. We work closely with your referring physician to determine the best method of treatment for each patient. Your Radiation Therapy team consists of highly trained physicists and dosimetrists, who manage the physics behind each radiation treatment session by using sophisticated planning software to shape radiation doses and beams to precisely target tumors and leave healthy tissue undamaged.

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